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    Switch Council's diesel and petrol vehicles to EVs or other low emission alternatives.



    Estimated 997 tCO2-e between 2021 and 2035. Assuming 75% of passenger vehicles electric by 2035 (Estimating an additional 5% every year from commencement).


Council's fleet of passenger vehicles consist of four electric vehicles (EVs).

Two each are based at Council's offices in Beechworth and Yackandandah.

According to our Emissions Reduction Plan, we need to transition to 100% electric passenger vehicles by 2035 to help us achieve certified net zero.

Aligning with replacement schedule will mean Council will not incur additional cost premiums.

EV charging infrastructure is also being installed at our offices and depots to accompany increasing numbers of EVs in our fleet.

EVs_Beechworth offices_2022


What are we doing?

  • Todo31/12/2035

    Replace petrol and diesel passenger fleet cars with EVs

    Determine whether usage patterns and requirements make EVs a fit-for-purpose option.

What has been done?

  • Done26/04/2024

    Install 7 x 22kW EV chargers at Council facilities for fleet vehicles

    Council EVs and fleet charger at Beechworth_Nov 2023

    Council has installed seven 22kW EV chargers at Council offices and depots across the shire. These chargers will support our transition to EVs to help us achieve NET ZERO by 2035.

    This project -Charging Towards Net Zero for Indigo - was supported by the Victorian Government's 'EV Charging for Council Fleets' program, with $28,352 in funding.

    The project was managed by our Capital Works team in collaboration with Environment & Sustainability and Assets & Property.

    EV chargers have been installed at the following seven Council locations:

    1. Beechworth Offices (The Pines)- 22kW Dual Port 3-phase Tower.
    2. Beechworth Depot - 22kW Single Port wired for single-phase.
    3. Yackandandah Offices - 22kW Dual Port 3-phase Tower.
    4. Yackandandah Depot - 22kW Single Port 3-phase Wall Unit.
    5. Chiltern Depot - 22kW Single Port wired for single-phase, including load shedding relay.
    6. Rutherglen Depot - 22kW Single Port 3-Phase Wall Unit.
    7. Rutherglen Offices & Library - 22kW Single Port 3-Phase Wall Unit on stand, located in the carpark.

    All chargers have been installed and are now operational. The charging network will encourage staff to increase usage of Council's EVs, support Council to increase EV numbers, and facilitate trials of light commercial vehicles.

    The installed monitoring software (Exploren) will track usage and provide evidence of running costs and emissions to support Council's ongoing transition to low emissions vehicles.

    Council EV charger_The Pines Beechworth

    EV chargers_fleet_Beechworth

    EV chargers_fleet_Beechworth_2

    Council fleet charger_Rutherglen Council Offices and Library_April 2024

    Beechworth Depot EV charger (Sept 2023)

    EV charger, Yack Depot (August 2023)

    EV charger, Yack Depot (Aug 2023)

    EV charger_Yackandandah office_Nov 2023

    EV charger_Council fleet_Rutherglen Depot

    EV charger_Council fleet_Beechworth office

  • Done09/06/2022

    Purchase of Council's third and fourth passenger EVs

    Yack EV

    Fleet purchased an additional two EVs - Hyundai Ionic 2WD hatch - for Council's passenger fleet. These are based at Council's Yackandandah Offices.

  • Done24/05/2021

    Purchase of Council's second passenger EV

    Council EV_MG

    Council purchased its second passenger EV, an MG EZS 2WD wagon, on 24/05/2021.

  • Done22/07/2020

    Purchase of Council's first passenger EV


    Council's first EV was a Hyundai Ionic 2WD hatch, purchased by Fleet on 22 July 2020.

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01/01/2020 → Continuous

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  • Indicative costs

    Electric light vehicles are expected to reach parity with Council options by mid-2020s.

  • Indicative savings

    Aligning with replacement schedule will mean Council will not incur additional cost premiums.

Information updated 09/05/2024

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