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2.4. Naturally Cooler Towns

We are increasing the natural shade in our towns with the aim of reducing the urban heat island effect.

Reducing summer temperatures in our towns is imperative to prepare for climate change.

Providing shade and ensuring our public spaces are inviting and climate-ready are some ways to keep our towns thriving even in the face of hotter summers.

One way to do this is with trees - large trees play an essential role in shading and reducing summer temperatures, and are powerful allies in reducing the urban heating effect.

Indigo Shire's towns are already renowned for beautiful treescapes, and Council has an important role in managing trees in urban parks and streets. Council is working strategically to protect and enhance our treescapes with projects like our Urban Tree Strategy and the Naturally Cooler Towns project. Planting climate-ready species of trees is one way to keep costs down and benefits high to our communities.