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2.2. Supporting low emissions transport

We encourage the uptake of low emissions transport by supporting the installation of public EV charging infrastructure.

In addition to transitioning our fleet to low-emissions alternatives, we are also supporting public EV charger installations by third parties.

As we reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, we're helping our community to embrace sustainable transport. We're dedicated to facilitating the installation of public EV chargers, benefiting locals and the sustainable tourism industry.

In September 2022, Indigo Shire welcomed its first public 50kW EV charger - located at the Yackandandah Senior Citizens Centre. This achievement was a collaborative effort, led by Totally Renewable Yackandandah (TRY), Indigo Power, and Yackandandah Community Development Corporation (YCDco). The project was supported by Victorian Government funding, and project management from Council.

In September 2023, Indigo Shire's second public EV charger was installed in Beechworth (Burke Museum) by Evie Networks, and we're currently working with them to install two more in Chiltern and Rutherglen.