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1.4. Reducing our contractor emissions

Actions we're taking to improve our sustainable procurement policies, procedures and practices.

Contracted goods and services are the largest source of Council's greenhouse gas emissions.

In FY 2019/20, contracted goods and services produced 54% of Council's total emissions.

To achieve Net Zero by 2035 we need to slash our contractor emissions, which are classified as Scope 3 emissions (upstream). This will be done by changing the way we do procurement, through embedding sustainability in our procurement policies, procedures and practices. Reducing contractor emissions will help us to decarbonise, and minimise carbon offsets required to achieve net zero.

The steps Council are taking to reduce emissions from contractors, goods and services include:

  • Review and update Council's Procurement Policy and procedures.
  • Develop sustainable procurement tools for staff.
  • Engage and educate suppliers about our Net Zero target and the role of procurement.