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1.3. Reducing our fleet, plant & transport emissions

Actions we're taking to reduce emissions from the diesel and unleaded petrol consumed by our fleet vehicles and plant.

Fleet & Plant are a major contributor of Council's greenhouse gas emissions.

In our baseline year (FY 2019/20), Fleet & Plant produced 10% of our total greenhouse gas emissions.

Council's Fleet and Plant include passenger vehicles, trucks, mowers, graders and power tools (e.g. chainsaws, pruning saws and leaf blowers). Fleet and Plant produce (Scope 1) emissions through the direct combustion of diesel and petrol.

To reach Net Zero by 2035 we need to cut emissions from Fleet and Plant by switching to electric and other low emissions alternatives.

Reducing these emissions will help us decarbonise and minimise the carbon offsets needed to achieve net zero.

Also included in this category are Staff Commuting, Business Travel, and Transport & Distribution.